About me

Longing to fill a void in her life, Ackiba ‘Keeba’ Mitchell decided to seek God’s face. Tired of the mediocrity of self fulfilment, Keeba decided it was time for a change. However, that change did not come easily. After answering God’s call and entering a place of isolation ‘her dark place’, she became radical for Christ. She began her relentless pursuit for her creator and found within her hidden abilities, her passion for writing. And so she writes with a purpose….to win souls for Jesus. Below she sums up how she came to the Lord.

When I started seeking God, it was not for any religious debate or to appear theologically intelligent.
I was dying and I desperately needed a reason to continue living.
I was so tired of listening to the words of men, their counsel and their reasoning.

The word of God provided healing for myself and blessings for others, a domino effect. It has so much life, it’s words are so therapeutic and are even stronger than psychiatry. God’s words can heal your past, secure your today and anchor your tomorrow :). Isn’t He awesome?

Oh Lord, what is man that you are mindful of him? 🙂 Thank you for sanctifying me. 😀



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