She’s broken

I’m one to randomly talk to strangers. I will sit and speak to the homeless or chat with old people on the bus. Maybe I like people or I’m probably too inquisitive for my own good. I had the pleasure of meeting a girl two days ago at the bus stop. She looked unkempt, her arm was in a sling and looked extremely sad. I asked what’s wrong and this girl went in! 😐 She began with, “it all started when I was 14”. Now, I was not expecting to hear this. As a matter of fact, I didn’t want to know what happened so many years ago. I wanted to run, fast! lol.

However, I listened. I had so many things to do and my ice cream was melting, at which point I regret not taking my car. Nevertheless, I sat there listening, wondering when her story was going to end 🤔.

She lived a cycle of pain. She had a victim mentality and was extremely hopeless. Life had failed her and the memories she rehearsed had kept her in mediocrity.

She was hurt and a broken mess. From being raped to several failed relationships and spontaneous abortions. And my words of encouragement were “you can’t let life beat you”. She quickly rebutted that she is not as strong as I am🤔.

She went on to speak of lack of support and poor counselling. She had clearly given up on life, defeated in her mind. I immediately remembered the bible verse, “hope deferred makes the heart sick”. And that is why she was sick! Not physically sick, but mentally ill. She even said that the pain in her broken arm was nothing compared to the pain in her head and heart😩.

What had I gotten myself in to? I’m no counsellor and it is difficult to speak to such broken people about the word. You need to meet them at their broken ness.

She wouldn’t let me pray with her. So after speaking to her and not getting anywhere, I asked her to seek mental health advice. Although I couldn’t help, as she was so far gone and needed professional intervention, I learnt a great deal from her.

1. Forget, forget, forget!! I can’t stress anymore how much one needs to forget. She didn’t forget what happened to her so many years ago and as a result, she maintained a victim mentality.

2. A victim mentality will leave you in mediocrity. She portrayed herself as a victim and as a result, was abused by many.

3. Keep hope alive! Christ within us, the hope of glory!

Don’t you dare let life defeat you. Nothing is that bad to want you to end your life. Jesus already did that. Your life may be in chaos. All hell is breaking loose. However, it is going on in your head and you can escape it all by thinking differently.

Some of you are having worse days than prisoners. Because sadly you are imprisoned in your mind. I’m encouraging you, no matter what you go through, you have the ability to change your mind, to think on things that are pure and of good report. You are only miserable because you want to be. Change your mind and you will definitely change your life.