My No became my best yes


Thought I would insert one of my poems for a laugh. Anyway, I’m taking a quick 10 minute break from studying. Yes, studying. When I thought I had given up the books forever, they managed to find me 3 years later. I guess it comes with the career.

Had to step away from a few things for a minute and the reactions were shocking. It’s funny when you are always around and available, people love you. When you want some necessary time for yourself, people get mad. But humans are not God. And one cannot rely on someone that much. We have a source and that is where our help comes from.

I have always been one to sacrifice for someone, or my job or church. I found it difficult to say no because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone or I felt like they needed me so badly that I just could not say no.

No one needs you that bad. We are all adults. If they can’t get it from you, they will get it from someone else. And if that results in you not being their best friend, then good on you because no good friend will run you to the ground.

Speaking of good friend. Let me big up my best friend one time! My best friend lives oceans away, 8 hours away to be precise and this girl don’t ask me for nothing, don’t want nothing and always, always edifies me.

That does not stop me from giving to her. See where I am going? We have developed a reciprocal relationship and that is how relationships should be.

She doesn’t tell me I’m being elusive or she doesn’t hear from me or she wants something or she needs me so bad. She knows that I am not God.

And so I said no. No I’m not coming to your birthday party, no I’m not coming to your wedding, no I’m not working overtime, no I am not going to that church function. Why? Because I need to take care of me too!

I wasn’t being selfish. It was absolutely necessary for me to do it. Saying no allowed me to get things done for me. Like getting myself in order, resting, sorting my finances, and allowed me to actually hear from God without the noise and distractions of this world.

I’ve said this before, and I’mma repeat it. One does not need company, one needs movement. You don’t need anyone to distract you from the place where God wants to take you. Some people only want to be your Orpahs, but only a selective few will be your Naomi’s.

You can’t be people’s saviour but you can direct them to the God who can and will.



A Christian poet

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