I will marry you

Say what? I don’t really like to showcase my relationship or broadcast it over social media because I believe my relationship with my fiancé is our business. Fiancé? Well, your girl up and got engaged hunni. And just like you, I never saw it coming.

You know me, I’ve always been so cynical. And when my boyfriend said he will marry me, I was like, wadever. Did I think I was not marriage material? Or was I so convinced by past relationships that he was going to “buss off” (leave) like the others?


I never ever thought I would get married. It wasn’t something I wrote on my list. I always envisioned myself as one of those successful business women with fly cars and houses. No family or man. I wasn’t into all of that.

So when my ex told me he will never marry me, I guess that was my signal to resign from meaningless relationships. But to be honest, I didn’t care when he said it, because I didn’t want to marry him either. I just stayed, wasting time until we both got fed up of each other and that led to so much unnecessary pain.

What then makes my now relationship so different? Well, for one, he was intentional about his pursuit. I can’t say he was “on it” because I was so fly! Our first “date” was at a church service, and I was casual without any makeup on. I could have cared less about impressing some guy 😏.

But I paid close attention to detail. The way he raised his hands in worship and prayed passionately. Who is this man? But I could not be bothered. I was too busy loving God to even gleam at the fields 🙄.

We became closer, we spent day and nights speaking about our love of God, he became my accountability partner and eventually stole my heart. He was different. He loved my flaws. He loved that I was imperfect and I didn’t have to sleep with him for him to put a ring on it. Not even a kiss.


“I will marry you Acki” he said. It must have been our 6th month of courtship. He made it clear that he was intentional about his pursuit and that he wanted to spend forever with me, to love me like Christ.

I was intentional too. Not to get a husband because everyone else was getting married, but to use what we have, to edify one another and to work for the kingdom.

Ecclesiastes 4:9 says two is better than one. Ha! 🙈 that is debatable 😏. Because I’m sure Paul said it’s better to stay unmarried (1 Corinthians 7:8). I will touch on this debate in a later post. Ok holier than thous, don’t get your panties in a twist thinking I’m taking scripture out of context 🙄. My point is, one should not get married because they are getting old and lonely. But should marry because it’s the will of God for your life.

Moving steadily along, (coz imma be late for church), on my 30th birthday, aboard a ship on the French Riviera, he proposed and I said yes. Now let the wedding planning commence! (I am actually not planning a darn thing coz I can’t be bothered). 😂😫



A Christian poet

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