Pray without ceasing?

I hear many people say that they don’t know how to pray, and they don’t want to sound foolish when they pray etc. I used to be that person. Don’t you dare ask me to pray in a meeting or pray for someone out loud! Fear of what others may think seems to be a big hinderance in prayer. But we must realise that we are not praying to them. People are not the ones to answer your prayers.

Prior to having a prayer life, I would foolishly hide in prayer meetings, evading eye contact with the pastor, to avoid him picking on me. I was never even vocal in my ‘prayer life’ at home. I would just say it in my head, lol. That is, until I got into trouble. When I got into trouble, I prayed!

How is that even possible? How could I know how to pray only in trouble? Was it the pressure of it all? Or possibly, I knew that God would have been the only one to help at that time? And so I decided, if I can pray in trouble, nothing should stop me from praying anytime.

But how do I pray? What do I say? I used to be intimidated when I saw people praying for what seemed to be hours 😏. Then I heard one pastor say, “If you pray with your mouth (not from your heart), you will run out of things to say.” And it is so true. Ponder on this for a minute. If out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, then you obviously speak what’s on your heart. Now, throughout the bible, God reminds us to meditate on the word and to write the word on our hearts. Why do you think that is? So that when we do speak, the word comes out.

Yet most of us can cuss more than we can pray 😏. If the word is in you, you will know how to pray. Furthermore, Jesus in Luke 11 taught us how to pray. So don’t be intimidated by those who do big, long prayers. You are not in a race with anyone. Furthermore, your prayers do not have to be long to be effective. The fervent effectual prayer of the righteous availeth much. Don’t be like the hypocrites who babble for long periods of time without saying a thing. Jesus said their reward will be in heaven. So why would one aspire to be like them?

Instead, why don’t we aspire to be prayerful and effective? Let’s work on our relationship with God, let pray without ceasing 😊.



A Christian poet

3 thoughts on “Pray without ceasing?

  1. This is so true . I was in a place when I was just confused and didi not know how to pray. I hit the lowest point with my heath, school and relationships. I had to separate myself and turn to the word of God. It was like I was in drouth, in a desert and just needed a drop of water, that is what I asked for just a drop and I got much more than I bargained for. I asked to see the Lord , I stayed on his word, and I wrote and poured out my heart to him , and He saved me. The bible says those who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved. Sis this was back in 2004, over 10 years ago. now I think off this any time I separate myself I come back a changed person. Its beautiful when you meet a group of ladies that are totally sold out for Christ. This morning I was praying and reminiscing on events that have taken place this year, when women just come together and this questions came to mind What Happens When Women Pray? The Lord desires us to have fellowship with him, to call on him on day any time , any where and in every situation

  2. Before i remember i had a hard time praying because of my difficulty that i would hide from others and i wasn’t proud of myself so i would perfer pray in my bedroom all alone.
    But i realize my behaviour in past was wrong cause i find out the truth, who i am in GOD eyes.
    The bible say that by faith God let the holy spirit dwell in us to be our teacher, helper, guidance no matter our difficulties and weakness. i learn and withness the holy spirit really do teach us how to pray and take up our prayer to our father God. How wonderful to have a invisible teacher who dwell in us !!
    I totally live my life dependable on the father and thanful that He offer us this wonderfull gift that is the Holy spirit.
    I really en enjoy your post and i love it πŸ˜‰

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