…..according to your own ability

I love the book of Jeremiah! It is where I realised that God has high thoughts of me and he deposited greatness inside of me. So how foolish would it be to envy my neighbours’ gifts, talents and belongings?

I remember wondering why I wasn’t married, had children, a boyfriend, or owned a house? And God showed me that I was struggling on my own with the little responsibility I had. How then can I manage all those things that I so desperately wanted? It was simply not my season, and I did not have the grace for it. So I stayed in my lane!

It’s good to stay in your lane and use what you have to get to the next level. Everyone was not dealt the same hand, but everyone is dealt a hand. No one is meant to be the same thing. Same is boring. That’s why there is variety. The world will be so dull if we were all rich. Who will help us to do our chores, raise our children and chauffeur us? And what will happen if we were all lawyers? Whose cases will we plead? Lol funny isn’t it? That is why it is good to know who you and and whose you are. And when you know those two, you won’t define success by men’s standards!

If one is a doctor and the other is a maid? People will say that the doctor is more successful, simply because of the way we foolishly measure success. Ever thought that one could be a terrible doctor, and the other can be the best, most thorough maid? We see parents wanting their children to be doctors and lawyers when they were born to be artists and dancers. We have an insane heirarchy system. One should be only as good as their own ability. I am not a pilot because I did not train to fly a plane. If I want to become a pilot, I must do what a pilot does. And since I’m not prepared for that, I do what I do, to the best of my ability.

2 Corinthians 10:12 says “it is foolish to compare yourself one to another…”. So profound! By whose standards is one better than another? Did God not give us talents according to our own ability (Matthew 25:15)? Or maybe, just maybe, you don’t know what you have 😊.

How do we get to know what we have? By asking the one who made us, God! He will tell you what he equipped you with and will give you the grace to do it well! Remember, no one can do you like you 😊. And when was the last time you saw a diamond on a surface? Dig deep.



A Christian poet

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