The end of us…meaningless?

Most people have been through the death of a relationship. It’s often painful and incomprehensible, not because one person died, but because the person who left does not want you, and is happy with someone else. And you, well, you’re busy crying, reminiscing on the good times you once had and in total denial of being single again.

Now, I’m not saying that’s how everyone reacts towards a breakup! But, for those who do, save your tears and burn the memories. I have witnessed too much to tell you that your tears are actually in vain. He/she is not the one who got away, it is no one’s fault, and the situation could not be fixed. Reality is, they were not for you!

Difficult to grasp? Get off your high horse for a minute. No one has to stay with you and no one has to love you. So when you see him happily married to her, with her 6 kids, be happy for them. He is probably what she needed. Since when did this become about you? Now, my favourite book in the bible is Ecclesiastes! I think it’s witty and real with sarcastic undertones. The first line of the book says, “everything is meaningless”. To an extent it is so true. We are here to serve God, so why are we distracted by silly things, like a man leaving us?

If he left, aren’t you still a woman? Why become bitter and let people who don’t love you, have all of this power over you? I once said to this guy I dated, “I’m happy you met her, just love her more than you loved me”. His reply was shocking. He said he didn’t love her, but he can’t leave her, lol then later on he said, he loved us both, further to that, he said, he really loves his girlfriend. Ok, was he confused or what? Why was I with him again? Why did I waste my precious tears and energy? It was all meaningless!

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, There is a time for every purpose under heaven. Therefore, there was a time for your breakup and a purpose for that. And there is a time to be single, and a purpose for that also. Why are you trying to complicate your life? Remember, nothing just happens, and she did not steal your man! Lol There are so many things to do on earth, than to get tied up into silliness. After all, everything is meaningless right? Ha! And these are light afflictions!

So what if your wife left you? Cry for a day and keep it moving. How can you die over someone you met? How else are you going to meet who you’re meant to meet? Aha! Life can be pretty simple but we tend to complicate matters as we prefer to be massochists. It’s ok to cry. It’s ok to be emotional but it’s not ok to be hurt beyond repair. Nah, Jesus did not die for you to be miserable.😊



A Christian poet

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