Perception is everything

“When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I”

What do you do when you’re overwhelmed? How are you under pressure?
Everyone handles things differently. Everyone sees things differently. It’s all about perspective.

I work in a very challenging environment. Both physically and mentally. Most times I am at breaking point because it is just too much going on at the same time. Yet, I wear a smile, I keep my cool and my colleagues are always like, ” why are you so happy?” My response is, I don’t care. My job is to care but not to take on any cares of this world. Isn’t that what Jesus died for? Didn’t he say cast all your care upon him? Won’t I go home in my peaceful bed after a chaotic shift? So why get overwhelmed?

Before Accepting Jesus, I was a stress head. Always crying and panicking and always overwhelmed. I thought the world was against me because everything was always going wrong. I just wanted to die.  I thought I would be better off dead than to deal with everything that was going on in this crazy world. But what I was going through was what everyone else was going through lol. I wasn’t running for my life, I wasn’t being persecuted nor was I fleeing from a genocide. So what on earth was I complaining about?

I already spoke on Elijah in my previous post. A gifted man of God but was suffering from depression. Many people are dying inwardly and we don’t know it. Makes you wonder, how can one be so talented, so beautiful, got their life together, yet are secretly miserable, wanting to die because they hate their own life. How did they get to that place?

When you rehearse painful experiences, magnify a small situation and remain in your past, you will not see up; until, you change your mind, cast it on Jesus, and reckon your situation. Your latter days will be better than your former days. Don’t you dare quit! One day, that thing that was once your ceiling, will become your floor.

I can now laugh at the things that used to keep me up at night. Lol yes, it is absolutely hilarious. They didn’t kill me, they made me stronger. Now I have been promoted lol. I balanced my columns, those things didn’t kill me, but I sure learnt a lot from them. You can either see your situation as a tragedy or an opportunity. Sometimes, it can even show you how desperately wicked your heart is. Look, life is given to you once, cast all your care on Jesus for he cares for you.

How long are you gonna play the victim? If I had to write my life story, you will probably cry. But it’s not even worth mentioning because the past no longer matters. Stop rehearsing your pain, when you can’t go back and change your past.

Faint not. The bible instructs us to keep our eyes on God, keep his word written on our hearts and to obey his commands. Come on now, whatever is going on in your head is more than what is going on in real life. Nothing really matters. Every tangible thing is temporary. What matters is your salvation and what happens when you die. Don’t die over a temporary thing, Jesus already did that :).



A Christian poet

One thought on “Perception is everything

  1. hi sis greeting i would like a prayer request for a job and what is Gods calling for me Thank you very much



    P.S i pass my exam isn’t God great thanks be to God.

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